How to Be a Member ?

2Provide professional references from two society members.
3Send the original signed document with 2 passport photographs to us.

For your questions, suggestions, and requests, send an e-mail to Thank you!

The website of the Turkish Society of Gynecologic Oncology (TRSGO) provides information for medical professionals, primarily gynecologic oncologists, and aims to cover the latest updates and announcements, as well as raising awareness of cancer in women.

Our Society
Our society was founded by gynecologists and obstetricians who specialized in gynecologic cancers in 1989 in Istanbul. The founding purpose of the society is to keep up with the latest developments in gynecologic oncology, to organize congresses and courses, to make gynecologic oncology more widely known in our country, to set its standards and to raise awareness.

Gynecologic oncology was recognized as a separate specialty by the Turkish Ministry of Health in 2011 and at the first stage, physicians with proper experience and research were qualified to be gynecologic oncology specialists. Centers with a sufficient number of trainers, solid infrastructure, an adequate number of patients were established as training centers. After taking a central exam and going through 3 years of intensive training thereafter, gynecologists were awarded diplomas to be specialists in gynecologic oncology surgery.

The majority of our members are gynecologists who specialized in gynecologic oncology surgery.

Our members are specialized in women's reproductive organ tumors (vulva, vagina, cervix, corpus, and ovary), preventive measures, treatment, and follow-ups.

Our Purpose
As a society, our objective is to ensure that our know-how is up to date and to contribute to it globally, as well as delivering solutions for the health problems of our society preeminently.

In this regard, our society facilitates knowledge sharing by organizing regional, national, and international meetings. Besides, we aim to include gynecologic oncology centers in international multicenter studies to increase the international visibility of our country.

Another objective is to inform and raise awareness about preventive and protective medicine against gynecologic cancers as well.

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