How to Be a Member ?

2Provide professional references from two society members.
3Send the original signed document with 2 passport photographs to us.

For your questions, suggestions, and requests, send an e-mail to Thank you!

Our objective and mission are to ensure the health care of women in terms of our specialty and handle gynecologic cancer cases in line with global standards. The first and foremost obligation is to contribute to the constant improvement of knowledge, experience, and applications and to standardize the treatment methods.

Medical knowledge is changing rapidly daily and the doubling time of information in medicine has been reduced to less than a year. Therefore, staying up to date requires meticulous attention and planning. Each physician cannot refresh their knowledge and keep themselves updated while dealing with daily tasks. Since its foundation in 1989, our society has been helping physicians specialized in gynecologic oncology to stay updated. To that end, regional, national, and international meetings are organized periodically and the latest developments are covered during these meetings.

Another important objective and mission of our society is active participation in international meetings and the inclusion of centers in Turkey to multinational studies. There have been significant advancements regarding this objective in recent years. However, there is still a need for more active and constant participation in international platforms to be widely recognized as prestigious. In line with these developments, we aim to make Turkey more visible in gynecologic oncology, most notably in Europe and in countries around the world.

As a professional association, one of the missions of our society is to concern about the working conditions and individual rights of our members.

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